Wine Tour in Michigan City

Michigan City is famous for being a truly wonderful wine country, with more than 100 wineries nestled among 15000 acres of scenic vineyards. If you are planning for a holiday trip in Michigan City this summer, I would recommend you to plan a weekend or a holiday trip to enjoy the subtleties, the wine festivals and discover the diversity of Michigan wines. 

Michigan City: A Pure Wine region

Currently, Michigan has about 2650 acres that enjoys a moderate climate, free from extreme heat and cold. This region is one of the most fruitful wine regions in the United States dedicated to growing grapes.

The traditional wines of Michigan were sweet wines made from varieties of grapes. Almost every state in US has wineries, but California alone produces almost 90% of all wines manufactured in US. Michigan wine is famous for special wines called ice wine and fruit wine (cherry wine). There are many great wineries in the city such as Domaine Berrien Cellars, Gravity, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant, etc. which are worth visiting. Enjoy the taste of award winning wines, with a laid-back vibe in Michigan City


Enjoyable wine tour tips

It has never been a better time for visiting a winery than present. Nowadays, you can find more wineries than ever, open and eager for you to drop by, all over the U.S. There are many wineries that plan special events during the summer, in the regions that are promoting their wine trails.


Here are few tips that are important to remember before visiting wineries in Michigan. These will help make your wine tour enjoyable.


  1. Be prepared with an empty box for wine

You may want to grab a Styrofoam wine carrier from the shipping store because you are not returning empty handed. In fact, you will be buying some of the best bottles of wines home with you. In the end, you will be thanking us for this advice. If you are die-hard fan lovers, then you may need extra boxes.


  1. Don’t drink and drive

If you are driving, be very careful about how much you’re drinking. This may not only cause others discomfort, but also put their as well as your life in danger.


  1. Hire a limousine for your winery visit

Getting a limo can turn your average trip into a luxurious and comfortable one. When you are travelling across a country, you will be feeling lame and tired driving for long hours. You can rather spend this time by being fully involved with your family and friends. But make sure that before selecting limo service provider, you consider their reputation, rates, timings and everything that matters to you.


  1. Be familiar with varieties of wine

There are many people who aren’t familiar about wines they are drinking, and most wines come as a surprise to them. Getting to know about the varieties of wines and their properties beforehand can get you more exited during the trip. So, research about some of these wines, and you’re sure to have more fun during the trip.


  1. Finally, keep this in mind

In the end, it is very important for you to know that the wine at winery shop will not taste good at home, like it tasted at the winery. The surroundings of the winery are what make the taste special. So, visit these wineries, and make the best out of these trips.


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