Tips for Booking your Wedding Limousine

wedding limousine

First of all, let me congratulate you on getting your marriage fixed and starting a new journey in your life. Wishing you the best for your beautiful upcoming days. I would like to help you by giving you some tips that will come handy for you. Yes! The tips on hiring a limo for you, which would make your wedding more special.

Hire a wedding limo as per the instructions and suggestions, in points, here and have a memorable experience with the chauffeured transportation.

  1. First of all, find a reliable and affordable limousine company. It is surely a suggestion in the shortest paragraph here, but is the most important one.


  1. Then you need to know about the number of people you would be travelling with. Companies serving with limousine services permit only limited passengers in the limousine, as per the guidelines from the limousine manufacturer. Most of the limo hiring companies allocates certain weight and number of people who can be transported in the limo. But, taking maximum number of people in a single limo can be extremely uncomfortable.

You can solve the problem of inconvenience easily by hiring more than one limo, considering the volume of visitors in the wedding ceremony. The first lesson, thus, you need to learn is that your fresh and attractive wedding, including your dresses, can easily get affected because of the close quarters.


  1. Some limo operators carry out the whole function in collaboration with other operators. They need the assistance to handle multi-vehicle charters. Decide well if you will be okay with other operators sharing hands to serve you. You can easily say NO to the limo that you are about to hire, if they can’t manage the entire wedding by themselves.


  1. Timing is something you should be aware of, while you are all set for hiring a wedding limo. Time is what matters a lot during these kinds of special events. You got to book the limo at least for one extra hour. Make your limo operators come to you at least half an hour earlier so that you can take beautiful shots with elegant looking limo. Don’t make your wedding day more stressful by making the mistake of untimely bookings and hiring.


  1. It is not like only you are getting married on that day, and it can’t be that only you hire limos from that particular limo operator. So, make sure that you can make the best of the limo that you have hired for very limited period of time. You can even add some dollars to the operator’s account to elongate the service of the hired wedding limo.


  1. Leave the amount of deposit as early as you can and ask for a written quote or an agreement paper. Ask for the references that other customers and client have left, with respect to the services provided by them. The best idea I can give when it comes to the payment (if you are unfamiliar with the limo operator) is the use of Credit cards.


  1. Alcohols can always be a major reason for disasters in weddings and within the limos. So, I guess it would be better to keep alcohol aside. Drinkers plus excitements are open invitation to disasters, so better think about drinks.


  1. Never ever forget to tip the chauffeur. They are the one who make your grand event more special. As you would be spending a lot for your wedding, giving around 10-15% of the total charge to the chauffer wouldn’t hurt your wallet. You deserve a good limo ride in your wedding and the chauffeurs prefer a well-paid cash gratuity.


  1. The last tip I have got for you: back-up service. Limousines are machines; there are chances that they may get flat tires, or have many other problems. You should ask your service provider about the vehicle that he would manage in case of an emergency.


This is what I’ve got for you as tips and suggestions, for hiring a reliable wedding limo. Hope these tips would come handy to you, and that your wedding is going to be as awesome as you are.

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