The Top 4 Lunch Spots in South Bend

Copy of 4 Lunch Spots in South BendThere is always something new to experience around every corner, so why don’t you explore South Bend in a fine limo and get to know the best lunch spots around? Whether you are going for your petite lunch break or planning an enormous bridal brunch, these 4 best lunch places will pacify your every taste:



South Bend’s most loved lunch spot is here to serve you with great food and warm catering. This is a great place to gather your friends and enjoy amazing food in a wonderful atmosphere. Plus this service caters in couple’s shower, wedding reception and bridal brunch. In fact, it is a perfect spot for business lunch too.

Its creative menu offers delicious soups, sandwiches, salads and various other foods which are prepared with love in the kitchen. Make your reservations, hire a limo and enjoy amazing food in the coziest aura.

Don’t miss: Mushroom soup, bacon wrapped dates, roast beef, cheddar and chipotle mayo sandwich!



If you are in the mood to taste delish Asian food in South Bend, then this is the right place for you. It presents Chinese and Vietnamese spot with neat decor and very comfortable seating. Get the taste of barbecue that spans all areas of America, from Carolina pulled pork to Texas beef brisket.

You will be delighted to get the lunch special and meet super friendly staffs. Its extensive menu with fantastic food will surely make you go wow!

Don’t miss: Noodle dishes, barbeque including pulled pork, chicken and brisket!



For the pizza lovers of South Bend, roll to this fantastic place as you will find different well-made pizzas with absolutely scrumptious taste. You cannot escape from its divine aromas and pleasant surroundings.

This is one of the hidden gems of South Bend where you can have a great flavor of Chicago style thin crust pizza with perfect textured and amazing toppings. What more you can get is good, rich zesty sauced spaghetti and freshly sautéed chicken.

Don’t miss: Meatball sub and Margherita Pizza!



This is an amazing place of South Bend where you can get incredible food for your lunch. You can have your delicious food ready just in 15 minutes and have a great atmosphere. Everything about Elia’s is just perfect with great service.

This is Lebanese cuisine where you can find the most admired garlic paste-a combination of garlic, plain yogurt and salt and has a fluffy, refreshing consistency. Get an exceptional non-American food in South Bend that gives you a wonderful lunch.

Don’t miss: Garlic paste, Falafels, Shawarma, Gyros, Vegetarian grape leaves!


With such a variety to choose from, hire the finest limousine service in Indiana and dive into these luscious lunch, brunch and dining spots.


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