The Best Way to Kill Time at Airport

the best way to kill time at airport

There is nothing worse than having to wait extra hours before getting on your plane. The thought of being trapped in an airport with time to kill is one that most of us fear. You’ve read every magazine that you could lay your hands on, eaten as much junk food as possible, and still, you’re stuck with the seemingly impossible task of passing the time.

Beyond that, if you are wondering what to do in the airport, here are some of the interesting ways for spending time at the airport.


Plan Ahead

The best thing to do is plan ahead of time, and preparea checklist of things you can do on your trip. As long as you have free time, make sure that you have all the essential things for your trip. Also, you can prepare for the possibility of a delay to make sure you have packed things to keep you busy and comfortable. They could be electronic devices, like a tablet or laptop, a book, a portable music player or may be a puzzle book. Children can become extremely impatient waiting around, so keep them entertained with handy games, coloring books or with their favorite toys.

Get Some Exercise

Are you bored of all those flight delays? You can hit the gym to feel refreshed. There are many airport hotels available for the public during a day time; also, few are open for 24 hours. If you are not shy of doing yoga and meditation at the airport, pack a yoga mat and work on your positions at the airport. You can find a quiet place somewhere at the airport and have a few minutes of deep breathing and stretching to get your blood flowing after a flight.

Shop Around

Did you bring extra money enough for shopping? Then why not shop at the airport? Shopping inside an airport can also help you relax after your flight. You can find something useful, or decorative to take back home as a souvenir. Also, you can get some gifts for your family and friends.

Take a Day Trip

If the flight is delayed by an entire day, you can plan for a trip around the city.  You won’t need to set up a place to sleep or deal with check-in/ check-out times. You are free to spend your time exactly as you please. Moving around can help you create a memory for yourself. It’s obviously more fruitful and worthy to visit the city rather than spending your time in the enclosed airport premises.

Use a Free Wi-Fi

Nowadays, free Wi-Fi service is available at many airports. You can use this time to connect with your friends and family and watch some online movies. Or, finish your pending task, if any, utilizing the delay time. Your children can also stay engaged by playing online games, and getting relaxed before the flight.

Eat and Drink

You will find variety of dishes available at the airport restaurant, from a traditional meal to a quick takeaway. So, don’t let starving be your issue, whether it’s day or night. Also, you can try the atmosphere of bars and pub, and relax with a meal and a drink. If you are among those who need a drink, there will be plenty of places to find one.

Learn Foreign Words

This can be a great idea! You can try learning from the signs or eavesdropping on conversations. If you have smart phones, you can utilize the advantage of technology to assist with the translation. You will have a great time and a wonderful experience.


How do you keep yourself busy during delays at the airport? Tell us in the comments section below..

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