Say No To Mechanical Smile, Hire Limo


It is a common belief that everything goes well with limousine. And yes, that’s true. It is one of the basic reasons for hiring this stretched car so that things go as per scheduled plan without any surprises.

Just imagine a scenario when you are travelling to airport to catch your flight in a vehicle other than limousine.


Part I

The first thing you need to do is get on that point where the vehicle will pick up you. It might be little bit far from the place of your stay so you rush there with heavy luggage. And if you have kids, then covering this distance is nothing less than uphill task.


No sooner you get in the designated stop another stress blankets you—did I miss the vehicle? Now automatically your hand goes inside one of the pockets of your trouser, take out the mobile, search the number of your transportation service provider and dial. The person at the other end of the receiver will convey the status of the vehicle and you are pleased. “Ah! I am on time.”


Now you keep the mobile back in the pocket and try to take a deep breath but before breathe completely inflates your lungs you are reminded of your kid—where is Chris?


He is a curious person who like any other kids of his age does not stay in one particular place. Meanwhile, you spot the vehicle at close distance. Chris is at your left and the vehicle on right. Left right, left right—your neck moves for couple of seconds. Somehow you handle the situation and both of you get inside the vehicle. Uh! Thank god, I made it.


End of first part of stress and now part II

Politeness is something that we expect from everyone. The staff in the vehicle is quite polite. His/her greeting with smile is enough to melt your heart. Meanwhile, the vehicle takes right turn and you know the shortest route to airport is left. You are in hurry to get in airport as you are running out of time so you ask the staff why not go through left? “Someone is waiting us somewhere there so we have to follow this course,” says the mannerly staff with smile. You are getting restless. The vehicle arrives at the pickup point and sees none. The engine stops and waiting starts.


You are impatient and shake legs. The speed of dangling increases with every minute passed but the passenger does not appear on the spot.

“Oh, c’mon let‘s move. I am running out of time.”

Polite staff once again spreads smile in the air and speaks melodiously: “I am afraid; we are instructed to wait for at least 10 minutes if any passenger does not get on the pickup spot on designated time. It is our company policy. S/he is somebody like you and needs our service.”


What goes around comes around—this is not applied in this case.

Now your every impatient look at staff is exchanged with smile and probably for the first time in life you define politeness in different way. Finally, much awaited passenger appears on the scene and the vehicle accelerates towards airport.


Limousine is the best solution in aforementioned scenario. Time matters and limo is another name of punctuality. Ride on limo is bit expensive but saving few dollars in exchange of stress is definitely not good idea. Moreover, airport ride is strongly recommended on limo because it ensures peace of your mind. Hiring this top-notch vehicle means transferring all of your problems to us.


We believe in service from heart rather than mechanical smile—Ambience Limo.

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