Questions To Your Teen’s Prom Limo Vendor

PROM, doesn’t that excite every teen in the country? Fancy dresses, beautiful and good looking partners, lavish prom limos, and dance with your duet- that is certainly amazing. But it is no surprise that the teens wouldn’t be as responsible as they are excited, and that bothers their parents. However, prom limo service providers also  have started being cautious and a bit more responsible nowadays.

It is a fact that no matter how responsible others are about your kids, you are the one who worry the most. So, here are 4 questions that you can ask to the prom limo rentals and be a bit relieved if you get the answer you had desired for.


Question no. 1

Will you ensure my kid’s safety?

Child safety is the number one concern for every parent. You’ve always been with them during their childhood when cuts and bruises used to bother them. Now, just because they have grown a bit older doesn’t mean that you don’t need to think about their safety.

The negative statistics regarding prom nights often cause the parents to panic. Your level of panic may get worse when you consider the situations that the kids may get into in their special night. You surely would like to take a step ahead and add an extra level of security. Hold on, I don’t mean that you have to recruit bodyguards for your kids, but finding a good limo service provider, ready to ensure your child’s safety, will be okay. Why not to be a bit responsible by reserving a chauffeured limousine for their prom transportation?

Safe kids and happy parents-thereafter.


Question no. 2

How much Insurance do you carry?

Jesus forbids anything serious from harming your kids when they are in the safe hands of chauffeur. However, I don’t need to plead you to prepare for the worst, right? If you are the one (will be the one) to book prom limo for your kids, the second question to ask them after their safety is- what amount of insurance the service vendors carry.

The amount of insurance varies as per the distance to cover and passengers to carry. Make sure that you find a prom limo service vendor, which provides extra protection to your beloved children.  Doing so makes it more than enough to guarantee that your teen going offspring is more than covered in the most unfortunate yet probable accident.

Prom limo

Question no. 3

Are your drivers licensed and trained?

It seems like a silly question, but you got to ask this. You may think it would make a fool out you to ask if the chauffeurs have their license or not, as the rule of state doesn’t let drivers drive without that basic document. However, it is not certain that every limo service provider and their chauffeurs (drivers) are well-trained and licensed.

Think of it, in this case, you are putting your children’s life in their hands. So, don’t you think that they need to be responsible and carry their license with them while driving? Thus, don’t hesitate asking for the license or any visible proof of licensing.


Question no. 4

Will you stay with my kids?

You can’t go to the prom with your kids or spy them during one of their special nights. That leaves a vivid chance that your kids may be involved in sneaking away and doing stuff that they aren’t supposed to. Once you decide to hire or book a prom limo for your kids, you need to ask if the chauffeurs will stay at the venue till the occasion is over.

When the drivers ensure that they will be around the venue till the end of your program, you can be rest assured. Your kids wouldn’t get into any serious trouble when there are people around to look for them. So, finding a reliable prom limo should be a primary concern of prom-going kids’ parents.

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