Quench Your Thirst with Limousine Wine Tour In Southwest Michigan

Tired of your busy schedule?  Are you in a serious need of some refreshment? If yes, I would like to recommend you to start packing for a wine tour. Yes, a wine tour, in some of the finest Southwest Michigan wineries. Take my word- it is going to be awesome!!!

Wine Tour in Southwest Michigan

The magical and romantic spell of Southwest Michigan wine country is just a short ride from downtown Chicago. Driving or even riding through those picturesque wineries will add a splendid experience to your busy and boring working days.

Spend your time-out around those wineries with a different and unique story, told by the wine experts. Most importantly, ask your trip advisor to select your destinations carefully, based on significant stops and places. Doing so will prevent you from missing some of the best wineries of the United States.

For your convenience, here are some best wineries, tasting room and cellars to make your Southwest Michigan wine tour a huge success. All these places are suggested by the Southwest Michigan Tourist Council.



Tabor Hill Champagne Cellar


10243 Red Arrow Highway

Bridgman, MI 49106

269-465-655, 800-283-3363

Hours: Call for hours of operation

Complimentary wine and juice tasting of all products is a special attraction of this cellar.


12 Corners WinerySouth Haven Tasting Room


511 Phoenix Street

South Haven, MI 49090


Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 12 pm to 7 pm and Noon to 5 pm on Sundays.

They have 115-acre of land planted with hybrid grapes- one of the best ingredients for good wines.


Free Run Cellars Vineyards & Tasting Room


10062 Burgoyne Road

Berrien Springs, MI 49103


Hours: Every Friday-Sunday, till 6 pm from Noon

This Winery has been implementing new winemaking and vineyard techniques, focusing on producing new and different flavors are its prime focus.


Hickory Creek Winery


750 Browntown Road

Buchanan, MI 49107


Hours: Open all year around.

They handcraft their wines to cork from harvest, in an old world style. Some happy wine experts there are more than happy to provide tasting or glasses of wine.


Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail


10983 Hills Road

Baroda, MI 49101


Hours: Operating time varies as per wineries.

These wineries have benefits of wine tasting and some picnic areas along with vineyard tours. Visit and enjoy 13 wineries plus wine tasting rooms along beautiful Michigan Lake as you tour the Southwest Michigan Wine Trail.



Few tips for your wine tour

If you don’t want your visit to the wineries go in vain, some wine tour tips below can be of great help.

  • Get an empty basket:

There is no denying that you’d want to bring some of the best wines home with you. So, get an empty box at the wine store. If you are a die-hard wine lover then you may need more than one of those baskets.


  • Get a limousine for your winery visit:

What can be a better way to turn your average trip into the best-ever trip? Hire a limousine for your wine tour in this Southwest Michigan area.

I’ll tell you why. Since you are traveling across the wine country, it would be lame if you do the driving and only your family and friends get to witness the natural beauty. Get indulged with them and give them something to talk about in the future apart from wines. And only a limo ride can do the trick – not even taxis.

Remember – Limousine wine tour companies pop out around the wineries in Southwest Michigan. But while selecting one, take in account their reputation, rates, timings and everything that matters to you.


  • Find something for your children:

Since your trip is with your family, it is certain that your kids will be traveling with you. And a wine tour may not be as exciting to them! Your kids may get bored in the wine tasting rooms. So, before you plan a trip to wineries and vineyards, make sure that they bring along their favorite toy, video game, etc. This way, you will be able to do the heavenly sipping, while your kids are busy in their own world.


  • Question yourself- “What kind of wine do I like?”

If you don’t have any idea about wines, your trip to this wine region will just be a waste. So, try to get some idea about wines on the internet. A wine fanatic can make the most of the tour by knowing every single detail about the wine of his/her choice. When you are sure about the kind of wine you prefer, you would be lucky enough to have the trip in this famous winery of the United States.


  • Have patience, it’s just a tasting room:

Be careful when you taste the wine of your choice. You would be tasting wines in a tasting room, not a bar. Remember – many smaller sips can equal many glasses of wine. Thank goodness you don’t need to ‘drink and drive’ as you’ve already hired a limousine for your trip, Right?


  • Be aware about the taste and smell:

The Wine tour is primarily about tasting wines. But the smell of a wine also plays a vital role in differentiating it from the others. And, it does not make sense if these two elements are obstructed by the perfume you are wearing, and the food that you have eaten earlier.  So, it is recommended that you do not smoke, chew and/or eat anything before or during the wine tasting period.

Remember- The wine that you plan to take home with you is not going to taste exactly as it did in the winery. The surrounding has a lot to do with the taste of the wine. It is sort of impossible that the particular surrounding is replicated at your home.



After experiencing heavenly sips of some of the best wines of Southwest Michigan, think of some extra to-dos too. There are many B&Bs, hotels, and resorts which have got a lot to offer to wine tourists. You can even accept some wine touring packages offer which comes to you.

Whether you love cooking, or swinging the golf clubs, whether you are in search of a romantic getaway or something fun to keep your pain away, you’re sure to find a package that is just right for you.


I hope you’ll make the best of your Southwest Michigan wine tour.

Taste and Enjoy Responsibly. Cheers…

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