Qualities To Look For In A Chauffeur


A chauffeur is someone who drives a limo or any other vehicle on a rental basis. However, one needs to possess certain qualities which make him/her a good chauffeur.

So the next time you intend to hire a limo, look out for these qualities in them.


A proper driving license

It’s a no brainer- whether you own a car or drive a public transport; you must hold a valid driving license.  This license ensures that the chauffeur has met all the requirements to drive a vehicle. You wouldn’t want to take their service if they fail to show you their driving license upon request.


Clean driving record

A clean driving record ensures that the chauffeur prioritizes your safety. The next time you call to book their services, ask for the driver’s driving record. After all, you and your family’s safety come first.


Punctuality and promptness

Punctuality and promptness are the two most important qualities that your chauffeur must possess. Ideally, it is required that your ride should be there at your pickup location at least 10 minutes early. If they cannot come early, at least they should inform you beforehand or arrange another ride for you.


Must remain calm under pressure

A limo ride is meant to be a luxurious one. This is only possible if the chauffeur has the patience to deal with all traveling issues. Apart from driving related hassles, the driver should maintain his cool with his customers.


Professional attire

Ideally booked for a wedding, prom and other fun and business events, a limousine is a classy ride. You wouldn’t want your chauffeur to look like a mess when he comes to pick you up.

A professional chauffeur would always be dressed professionally, well-groomed with neat hair, clean teeth, and trimmed fingernails.



A reputable limo company has professional chauffeurs who have been trained to drive in and around their home city. They should arrive at your pickup location planned and prepared.

Apart from relying on GPS, they should have a firsthand knowledge of the area you’ll be traveling.



A well-experienced chauffeur should always be thoughtful towards their passengers. They should be able to anticipate their passenger’s needs. For example, they should ensure the climate control systems and music systems are always working, keep the tissues ready, etc. A thoughtful chauffeur will make sure that you as a passenger won’t have to ask for anything. Everything will be kept ready for you.

There are hundreds of limousine companies operating in the US these days. However, there are also those who operate just for business.

We, at Ambience Limousine, ensure that you get the best service for your money. From immaculate vehicles to professional chauffeurs, our service is the benchmark of perfection and professionalism. Hire us, and you will not regret your decision.

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