Planning a Group Prom Date

Planning a group prom date

Are you planning to go to prom with your friends? The idea of spending the evening with a bunch of people that made your high school days a wonderful experience sounds much fun! No wonder, the group prom dates are increasing in popularity these days.

But with a lot of people to coordinate, group prom ideas can be a fuss. You can absolutely not wing it with a group prom date unless you have a precise plan. So, here is what you need to plan for a perfect group prom date.


Plan your time

First and foremost, you need to plan through each stage of the night. Otherwise, you’ll be rushing around on your special event. It’s always better to allow some extra time, when in doubt.

You need to get ready for the prom. Girls often have makeup and hairdo to deal with. Boys have to shave, shower, do their hair, and get into a tux or suit they’ve probably never worn before. And when you are ready, your parents will most certainly want photos of you- some indoors, some outside, some with family and some by yourself. So allow sufficient time for the shots.


Arrange for a limo

If you are up for a group prom date, you have to travel together and arrive together. So, ideally, you want the whole group in the same limo. Depending upon the number of people, you can decide on the size of limo. However, if your group is too large, you might need to arrange for two limos, and do not forget to decide who is riding with whom.

Prom seasons are generally the busy time for limo companies. So, you’d better make your reservation well in advance.


Wardrobe coordination

Boys generally do not bother if someone else is wearing similar tux or suit, so they can skip this part. But girls will want to make sure none of the other girls in the group is wearing anything too similar. So, wardrobe coordination is something you can’t let go off.


Get together

Since you all are going to the prom together, you need to set a time to get together at someone’s house beforehand. Picking up friends on the way is also okay, but it can be a trouble if everyone’s home is not on the route. So, you’d better set a time for everyone to meet, and make it reasonably early. Someone in the group is guaranteed to be running late, and you don’t want to miss taking photos while it’s still light, do you?


Plan for dinner

If you are having dinner at prom, make sure your group sits together at the same table. In case your group has to split, make sure no one feels excluded. If your prom doesn’t include dinner, you need to go out somewhere for dinner. You’d better reserve earlier as it can be hard for restaurants to arrange for a large group if they’re busy. If you do not wish to rush, leave plenty of time for dinner as well.


Have fun!

Prom is all about friends and fun. There’s no pressure if you are going on a group prom date, as you’ll be spending the evening with friends you’re comfortable with. So, go out and have much fun!

I hope you find a dependable limo company at your service. Stay safe and have an amazing night!

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