Maiden Limo Ride: A Moment To Cherish Forever

Maiden Limo Ride

Experiencing anything for the first time is truly awesome. Just remember your first date, first kiss, first salary… The list goes on. The memorable part of life is the summation of all such first activities. They are the moments which paint your life with different colors.

Riding on a limo for the first time is one of such wonderful experiences. It adds another new chapter of excitement in your life which you will cherish forever. It is so pleasing that you do not forget to share the incident multiple times with your son and granddaughter in latter phase of life.

Here below we highlight few things that you can expect before, while and after the maiden ride on this stretched car:


Before the ride:

Select the best limo company before making reservation on designated date and time. The smartest way to sort out the trustworthy service provider is going through its reviews. It gives you perfect idea about particular service provider.

Match the vehicle as per your purpose and the number of people riding on it. For instance, ask for limo bus if you and your friends are planning for prom.  Similarly, check the availability of appropriate vehicle if it is a family party ride.

Make clear with service provider regarding pick up and drop—whether it is at one location or multiple locations. This will help them (service provider) to figure out hiring hour and you are charged accordingly.

If you have any special request, this is the right time to deal with. You can ask for packed bottle water or champagne at the time of booking. The service provider will address your request as per state law and the age of riders.


During the ride:

Don’t hesitate to ask. Limo staff or chauffeur is always at your service. You can ask the staff for music or turn on the air conditioner.  The chauffeur is humble and mannerly person who is always ready to address your need throughout the trip. Ask him to stop at store if you need extra food. But don’t forget making too much stops will increase your bill because limo is hired on hourly basis. So meditate on this fact and act accordingly.


After the ride:

Leave the car with all of your belongings in possession. Similarly, inspect the vehicle with the staff and make sure about its condition at the time you leave. You are responsible for any kind of damage so treat the vehicle with love and care.

Last but not least, tip the chauffer. It not mandatory but you can tip him if you are satisfied with the service. Normally, they are entitled to get 15 per cent of total trip fare. So take fair decision.

Well, this is one of the ways to make your maiden experience grand. Enjoy the trip and treasure the experience forever.

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