Limousine Vs. Taxi

Limousine Vs

More and more people prefer to ride on limousine than on taxi these days. The graph of limo rider is in increasing trend every year. Here are some of the reasons behind the fact:



Yes, riding on limousine is bit expensive in comparison to taxi but not that high as you have been expecting. Long distance travel in taxi is costly as you are bound to pay fare shown in meter. Moreover, taxi can charge extra for other facilities such as loading and unloading of luggage and curb side pickup and drop.

Limousine, on the other hand, is transparent and offered services are all inclusive. It does not dent your wallet with hidden charges. With stretched car, you pay as per time and not as per ride. So it is wise to hire limo for long distance travel than taxi.


Clean and comfort:

Do you think a cab is cleaner than a limo? Remember stretched cars are professionally cleaned after few services. The air quality of a limo is far better than a taxi. Normally, driver cleans the taxi after the end of his/her shift whereas limo is immediately cleaned after delivering each service.

Similarly, comparing comfort of limo with taxi is something ridiculous. Comfort is synonym for limo whereas cab is all about adjustment.


Quality service:

Taxi can never match the service of limo. Hiring this master piece means ensuring your satisfaction. The team focuses more on you in comparison to trip. Furthermore, you are not charged for making couple of stops on the way to your destination.

However, taxi is all about rush. It is the trip that maters for them and not you. Cab drivers want more and more trips so they make more money before the end of their shift. So you are nothing more than a trip in the eyes of drivers.


Social status:

Undoubtedly, limo is associated with status and prestige. It speaks about your success to the world. The vehicle itself is capable of leaving impression on your behalf. This is one of the reasons for people to hire limousine for special event. It dignifies you.

Do you think a taxi can do all this? No, never. Besides transportation, it offers nothing special.



Limo gives you hospitable ride. The team will focus on you and offer best service ensuring your comfort and ease. They are well trained people who take care of you throughout the ride.

Let’s not comment about taxi in this matter!

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