Limousine: First Choice of Powerful Leaders


It is not just an ordinary car, it is stretched car. Its majestic appearance imprints deep impression in you. It is something more than a car, it is LIMOUSINEEEEEE…..

Limousine is not a particular brand rather the term signifies world class comfort, length and a chauffeur. For a limousine to be a limousine, chauffeur is must. Every car lover in the world prefers to own limousine but the price of this master-piece vehicle is so high in millions of dollars making it dream car of every individual.

The vehicle is the symbol of great power and fortune.

Here below we highlight some of the powerful people of the world who roll on limousine fluttering the flag of their respective nation.
President of the United States of America:

Least is known about the recent model and features of United States presidential state car that will ride the President of the United States, Donald Trump. It is said that General Motors bagged the contract for the new limousine. It is expected to cost in between US$1 to 1.5 million.

Car manufacturing company called Cadillac is the manufacturer of the United States presidential state car that drove the President Barack Obama. There are four nicknames of this car including Limousine One. The car is built on medium-duty truck platform as per the standards set by United States Secret Service. The car equips various life saving measures—offensive and defensive. The weight of the car is estimated to range in between 6,800 to 9,100 kg. And, the estimated cost of the vehicle is in between US$300,000 to 1.5 million.

There is no keyhole in the doors of United States presidential state car. The way to open it is a secret which is only known to the Secret Service agent. The glasses of the limo are 5-inch thick. It is bullet proof glass. The president is well protected inside the limo even at chemical attack. It stocks various arms of modern times.
President of Russia:

The official state car of the President of Russia is Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman. Kortez (courteous) is the nickname of the car. It is built on medium-duty truck platform meeting the standards set by Federal Protective Service. There is various life saving measures equipped on the board—offensive and defensive.

According to report, a rocket cannot penetrate this car. It is said that the official vehicle of the president of Russia is far more secure than Limousine One, the United States presidential state car.

The bullet proof limousine rolls on rubber tires. The car has different sets of communications equipment. The top-notch vehicle is airlifted to the destinations at the time of president’s state visits. It costs millions of dollars.
President of China:

The president of China rolls on Hongqi L5 Limousine. It is a Chinese stretched car that is only available in China. The price of this car is US$800,000. The car weighs more than 3000 kg and is 18ft long, 6.5ft wide and 5ft tall.
Prime Minster of India:

The Prime Minister of India who is the head of the government rides on BR7-level. It is highly modified version of BMW 7 Series. This bullet proof car can withstand attacks of AK-47s and handguns.

In case of gas attack the cabin of the car turns into gas safe chamber. The windows are bullet proof and the car is embedded with fire-fighting system. To withstand mines and bombs there is armour plates beneath the car. Moreover, it can run on flat tires like aforementioned all cars. It costs slightly more than US$1.22 million

The presidential state car emerged as a means of revealing power in present days. More powerful the statesman is so is his/her vehicle with utmost security and all modern facilities. Hence, limousine (stretched car) becoming the first choice of all statesmen across the globe.

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