Limousine: A Multi Purpose Vehicle


Limousine is a multi purpose vehicle. The service of this stretched car is not limited simply within the periphery of transferring people from one place to other on time. It is something more than that as the vehicle itself is capable to extend many other services on wheels like small corporate meetings, party, birthday party, prom service, wine tour and many more.


Small Corporate Meeting:

I know you are a busy person with lots of responsibilities on your shoulder and this is one of the reasons for you to hire limo. It is our experience that many professional people get in the city for couple of hours. They get in the concerned hotel, chair the meeting and get back.

Ambience Limo in this regard suggests you (professional people) the best option resulting saving (time and money) for you and your organization. If the meeting consists small group of people—eight to 12—then we suggest you to organize the meeting in the limo itself. Moreover, it is an efficient ride that will be saving your time and extra expenses that a hotel will charge to you.

This is an effective way to deal with every individual face to face. You can put your ideas in front of them and listen to them at the same time. It is a disturbance free ride where everything is systematic. Furthermore, the vehicle is embedded with all modern facilities which will undoubtedly meet your meeting needs.

In addition, once the meeting is over you can break champagne and enjoy a glass of toast with other party or colleagues or subordinates. Our limo comes with stock of champagne, ice, soda, and flutes.



You might have attended many parties but experiencing party on limo is something different that will leave deep impression somewhere at the back of your head forever.

Ambience Limo has wide range of party buses which can accommodate up to 24 persons. Just hire our party bus and enjoy the party for few or long hours. The vehicle will take your party mood at the climax. You do not need to worry about anything as our experienced chauffeur and courteous staff will take your responsibility throughout the ride. Many youngsters especially, newly recruited at job prefer this kind of entertainment on wheels. We have been extending this service since long time back so we want you to be the part of this grand exciting party. Just dials us and book the vehicle on designated date and time for a kind of heavenly experience.

You can enjoy get together, bachelor and bachelorette party, night out and many more in our well equipped vehicle—limo bus.


Birthday Party:

Just imagine a vehicle that is just decorated for you with streamers and other birthday theme. You are a special one so is your birthday then why not make it grand?

Ambience Limo decorates the vehicle as per your choice and gets at you on special day. You along with your friends will get VIP treatment while on this ride. Moreover, if it is a birthday of your kid, then throw a party in this stretched vehicle. It is a kind of birthday gift to your kid from your side. The special one will remember the event throughout the life and will always extend thanks for making her/his special day a grand day forever.



Prom has special significance in one’s life and attending the prom on limousine is truly splendid. It is one time life event so make it special. Ambience Limo will receive the group or individual at a pick up point and will transfer to the university on designated time. Besides transportation, we offer many other services at prom like arranging dinner for students.

Many students in Indiana rode in our limousine before attending prom. They made it memorable so it is your time now because this year’s prom is dedicated to you, only you.


Wine Tour:

Many people from Indiana head to Southwest Michigan for wine trip. They book with us as we are versed limo service provider in the field of wine trip. Around thousands of people drive to Southwest Michigan from the US every year.

We unfold you the charm of winery tour by driving you to many wineries through beautiful wine tracks. Our experienced chauffeurs are good at delivering perfect service in this type of trip.

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