Limo Wine Tour: Feel Love In The Air


Love is in the air of entire Southwest Michigan but we fill it with gentle romance from Chicago no sooner you book limousine from us—Ambience Limousine—for wine trip. It is one of the popular destinations for wine trip that welcomes thousands of people across the US every year.

Dozens of wineries, tasting rooms, beautiful wine trails and warm and friendly communities at the destination are appealing for all wine tour lovers who never hesitate to put this ‘limo wine tour’ in their travel bucket list for second time.

Moreover, the moderate climate of the region acts as a cherry at the top for couples who prefer to spend some good time making it memorable throughout their life. Above all, the journey in limo will paint everything colorful from start to the end of the tour.

Ambience Limousine offers different types of wine tour service as per your requirement. The tour extends from hourly basis to couple of days. We have a set of professional chauffeurs who have knowledge regarding the wine tour. They are the expert people who will drive you at the destination on time and give you ample of time for observing the vineyards, tasting and experiencing the process of wine manufacturing in Southwest Michigan. Besides pick up and drop off facilities, we drive you to different wineries where you can taste different wines along with cellar tours and lunch.

There are many restaurants that offer you best food along with local wines. The experience of such a fine dining arrangement is truly different. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to taste farm fresh produce in soothing climatic condition.

Similarly, you can spend a night or couple of nights here in Michigan enjoying local wines in your room. It is a private tour that ensures your comfort everywhere from vehicle to bed where you spend overnight.

Furthermore, the wine experts will guide you thoroughly regarding everything related to wine. They will take you to the history of wine and get you back to modern days where there are wonderful wines to taste like sparkling wines or non-alcoholic juices.

Things to expect while tasting wine:

  • A wine expert will guide you in the course of wine tasting. S/he will explain you the specialty of every variety you drink. They will inform you regarding tasting notes, aromas and flavors that make each wine different from other.
  • Experiencing wine is all about culture. You are served with white wines at the beginning followed by red wine and dessert wine.
  • You can ask any relevant questions to your guide regarding anything related to wine, vineyards, grapes and many more.
  • The best part of wine tour is that you can take the summary of the tour—wine— back to your home and share it with your family members or friends in the same way that was taught to you by your wine expert. So, do not forget to purchase some nice wine as a souvenir.
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