How to choose the best prom night limo

how to choose the best prom limoNo matter the occasion for the ride, riding in a limo gives everyone a sense of class and pleasure.  Prom, among all occasions, is a significant event for all youngsters. It denotes the end of their high school days. Likewise, it even represents a move into adulthood. Every teenager needs to look the best on this day to impress everybody.

The combination of a beautiful dress and the best prom night limo shared with your prom partner is INTOXICATING. Keeping the same fact in mind, here I present you with some helpful tips for hiring your prom limo.



Which can be the Best Limo for Prom

As discussed earlier, Prom is one of the most special events in a teenager’s life. Thus, it has become a norm and fashion to celebrate prom in style. Flawless make-up, faultless dress, and a defect less grand prom limo will surely bring out the best of your prom night.

Let’s have a look at some of the limos best suited for proms.


Ford Excursion Stretch Limo


Ford Excursion has always been a popular choice for prom events. It can accommodate many passengers in comparison to other standard limousines. This limo in particular has following features:

  • Longest and Heaviest sport-utility vehicle
  • Seating up to nine passengers
  • Two separate cherry wood bars with cut glassware
  • Multi-colored LCD TVs
  • DVD player including surround sound system
  • Limo style seating (for 14 people)
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • Mini bar


Ford Excursion Stretch Limo


All the above- listed features and luxurious amenities, can refresh your mood prior entering to the prom entrance. The specialties of grand Ford Excursion won’t let you panic about the upcoming prom. But you will be busy praising yourself for choosing such a great transport for your prom night.


Party Bus

Extravagant party buses can accommodate up to twenty-two people. A well-groomed chauffeur opens the party bus door before you land to the prom entrance with your prom partner. That does sound great, right?   With the following features, party bus can be one of the best alternatives for your prom night conveyance:

  • Air conditioned boot
  • Perimeter seating
  • Private cabin with driver Intercom
  • Remote controlled mirror
  • Stripper poles
  • Smoke machines and disco lights
  • Different floor plans as per the need



With all the traits discussed above, you can even start a party aboard before you reach your prom destination.



2005 Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo

2005 Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo

The new Chrysler is a full-size luxury car, built as a high-end sedan. This model of Chrysler was introduced to ensure high-performance and designed in the similar fashion.   This lavish limo, including the following traits, can be the limo you are waiting for:

  • Seating for up to 6 prom dates(12 passengers)
  • 2 Tone full leather interior
  • Fiber-optic lighting
  • CD stereo and DVD player
  • 1000 watt sound systems
  • Fully lighted bar areas
  • Starlight ceiling


H2 Hummer Stretch Limo

Hummer Limo has always been a popular choice for prom nights because of its large space and luxury. Decorated by vibrant colors like pink and blue, this stretch limo can hold 18 people easily. Other major attractions of H2 Hummer are:

  • Black plush carpeting
  • 3 large flat screen LCD TVs
  • Glossy exterior
  • Stainless steel ceiling
  • Colour changing fiber lighting
  • Bars with LED lighting
  • GPS navigation to facilitate travel


H2 Hummer Stretch limo

All the four limo I’ve discussed are sure to match the grand occasion like prom.  No matter which limo you’ll choose for your prom, I am certain that you and your friend (maybe prom date) will stand out from the rest!


Best Tips for Hiring a Limo for Prom

With so many limo companies promising to deliver the best service, it is really hard to pick the one that can match your budget, style, and comfort.

These tips will surely help you get the best value for your money:

Consider the service provider

Considering the number of prom limo service provider, it has been a tricky task to ascertain the best service renderer.

Things to be considered to find out the best limo service are:

  • Reputation of the limo company
  • Company’s years of service
  • License of the company( see if limousine drivers/chauffeur are licensed under the rules of state regulatory authorities)
  • Insurance policy
  • Fleet size and types of prom night limos


Cost Estimation

The cost estimation task should be taken into consideration some weeks prior to the prom night. When you have a week or two, you can easily find out the best limo for prom night in a reasonable cost. You’ll even get time for comparing various service providers. Comparing more and more companies with respect to their cost aids you to find the least expensive yet grand prom limo.

Also, cost should not be the only reason for you to choose a particular limo company. Do not forget, low prices could mean compromised quality (though it is not always true). Use your judgment.


Figure out the size

It is obvious that teens get excited about proms. You surely would start planning for the prom from the time you hear about it. Don’t forget to determine the number of people who may participate in the occasion. Task of finding out the probable attendants of the event is a must. Doing so will make it easier to calculate the size and budget of the prom limo.


I personally would recommend you to get a large sized limo. Large limos always assure you maximum comfort. Regarding the budget, you can divide the total cost among your friends.


Book early

You may be ‘an odd man out’ if you can’t hire the prom limo soon enough. It is better if you start looking for prom limousines since the day you know about the prom night. (If you want your prom to be an awe-inspiring one)

For better assurance, ask for a confirmation in writing.


Check your limo

It is wise to visit the service provider and see the limo for yourself. Checking the prom limousine on your own is far better than inspecting it on the internet. To guarantee a grand entry at prom, you need to verify the make and model of the prom limo which you’ve booked online.

You can imagine the glory of the grand occasion only when you check the limo by yourself.

Remember: Don’t forget to check some urgent elements like emergency exit and safety equipments.

Tips to Enjoy a Safe Prom

Prom night means partying. And almost all parties involve drugs and alcohols. This is one thing that your parents worry about a lot. So, to avoid mishaps due to drunk driving, follow these basic tips to enjoy a safe and sound prom night.

  • Hire such prom limousines which make sure that you are dropped home safe
  • Find out if the booked limo restricts underage drinking
  • Request the service provider to limit the number of passengers to avoid possible accidents
  • Inform your parents if any changes occur in the preplanned schedule
  • Discuss the timing by which you will be home. Your parents can contact you if the time you’ve discussed surpasses.


Wishes for a memorable and safe prom!

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