Executive Travel Tips: What Not To Do

Executives are notoriously known for their hardworking nature. They spend a great deal of time travelling for business, depending on the nature of industry. But, just because they are experts in business doesn’t mean they can’t ever pick up bad habits. Here are the worst, in vogue executive travel habits that should be avoided for a stress-free business trip.


  1. Over Packing

Most people have indiscretion of packing everything handy for a trip. Executives are no exception. A three-day trip doesn’t require 6 shirts and five ties. So, instead of throwing all available business clothes in to your luggage, pack smart. Make an itinerary of your business trip, and pack accordingly.


  1. Not booking a transportation service

Most of the executives tend to overlook transportation arrangement. It is oftentimes the last thing booked by either travel manager, or the assistant. However, transportation is a very important part of an executive travel. Instead of being stranded at the airports or downtown areas, looking for a public transportation to get you to your destination, book a reliable chauffeured car service beforehand.


  1. Not researching well on your hotel

A hotel can either make or break your business trip, for real. So, before bumping in and reserving a hotel, do proper research. Consider the factors like amenities, location, and distance from meetings to figure out where to stay on your trip. Then, communicate your preferences to the travel manager to make sure that the reserved hotel meets your expectations.


  1. Not taking enough breaks

Business trips are extremely exhausting. No matter how luxurious rides and hotels you book, or how great your meeting goes, not taking enough time to relax is a blunder on a business trip. So, get your eyes off your laptop or phone for few minutes, and take a quick nap. Else, have small video chat with your family.

Besides, you can also carve out some time from your schedule and go out either by yourself or with co-workers in the city you are traveling. This will help you feel recharged, while strengthening your relationship with your clients. After all, Business deals are all about relationships.


  1. Not managing the travel schedule

As mentioned earlier, business executives are not machines. You can’t expect to be able to attend a meeting just thirty minutes after getting off a five-hour flight. If you’ve had business trips often, you must know that travel delays are more frequent than lack of delays. So, make an itinerary, and try to manage your travel schedule. Spare yourself enough time to relax in between your travel plans and meetings.


So, next time you go out on a business trip, try to avoid these ‘not so good’ habits.

Happy Travelling!

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  1. Well, I think everyone who travels a lot will agree on this. Research is the most important part of your travel. If you can’t do research properly, you are doomed to failure. So bravo for this post mate :)

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