Chauffeur: A Professional On Duty


A chauffeur is a professional driver who transports people from one place to another in a limousine. In other words, a limousine driver is referred as a chauffeur.

Superficially, you may not notice difference between a chauffeur and a driver but in reality there is a big difference between two. The word chauffeur is not a synonym of driver. It (chauffeur) is associated with the service that a man behind the steering of a limo extends to his/her clients. Moreover, the term chauffeur is more close to hospitality sector.

Like other jobs, being a chauffeur is challenging too. A person should possess and develop certain qualities before considering himself/herself as a chauffeur.


Chauffeur is deeply associated with service:

First of all, a chauffeur treats his/her service beneficiary as a guest. He is entitled to deliver you a professional service on the wheels ensuring safety, luxury, comfort and style. And if the man behind the steering is an Ambience Limo chauffeur, then you will be enjoying a heavenly ride experience of your lifetime. He will drive you through scenic route, drop you on time for meeting and skip traffic jam to make your mood and many more. In short, he acts keeping your happiness at the center.


Hospitality and other Training:

Ambience Limo extends hospitality training to its chauffeurs and due to this our chauffeurs are capable to satisfy guests properly. Our hospitality based training mainly focuses on proper etiquette of chauffeurs. Besides, the organization also provides ego management and emotion management training to them.

Despite having an extensive experience of wheels we further provide on the job driving training to chauffeurs. The training lasts up to two weeks. In the course of around 15 days they are also taught about traffic rules and regulations, communication skills, safety, map reading, communication equipment handling and operation skills and many more.


Dress Code:

Chauffeurs dress code is must with Ambience Limousine. They represent the organization. They are our face so we do not compromise in this regard. Our chauffeurs appear in proper dress code in front of the guest/s—neat and tidy.


Trustworthy and discreet:

This is one of the prime qualities of our Chauffeurs. You can completely bank of them on and off the ride. Different types of guests hire limo. They had various conversations between or among the guests in the vehicle. Such conversations are always limited within the vehicle and are not made public by the chauffeurs. They are good at maintaining privacy of guests.


General knowledge of local area:

It is the first condition of Ambience Limo hired chauffeurs that they should have good knowledge of local area and major destinations near around. It highlights the expertise of chauffeurs and the skill will ultimately benefit the guest.

Moreover, the organization also provides additional knowledge about local area and major destinations near around at the time of training.

The facts highlighted above simply differentiate a chauffeur and a driver. We attempted to ink the difference in words but in reality it is well observed and felt after experiencing service delivered by a chauffeur.

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