Limo Wine Tour: Feel Love In The Air

Love is in the air of entire Southwest Michigan but we fill it with gentle romance from Chicago no sooner you book limousine from us—Ambience Limousine—for wine trip. It is one of the popular destinations for wine trip that welcomes … Continue reading

Date posted: February 21, 2017, Author: Stefan Green

Why Limo Surfaced As Best Transportation Option For Wedding?

Perfection is prerequisite for any wedding. It is a special day when you and your beloved one are going to be recognized as husband and wife for the rest of the life. The arrangement of transportation is vital on this … Continue reading

Date posted: February 14, 2017, Author: Stefan Green

Limousine: A Vehicle Portraying Your Story of Success To The World

Few things are precious in the world like a glass of diamond martini, frozen haute chocolate, diamond massage, zillion-dollar breakfast and LIMOUSINE.   Directly or indirectly they are associated with your success. They justify that you are financially sound. Busier … Continue reading

Date posted: February 8, 2017, Author: Stefan Green

Limousine: First Choice of Powerful Leaders

It is not just an ordinary car, it is stretched car. Its majestic appearance imprints deep impression in you. It is something more than a car, it is LIMOUSINEEEEEE….. Limousine is not a particular brand rather the term signifies world … Continue reading

Date posted: January 24, 2017, Author: Stefan Green

Limos at Everyone’s Reach

Long, elegant and stylish looking limousine passing by you makes you breathe deep leaving your eyes wide open. It is so appealing that your sight goes on chasing the vehicle until it disappears. Limousine is a mark of excellence. Along … Continue reading

Date posted: January 1, 2017, Author: Stefan Green

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

It needs a lot of planning, patience and effort to travel with small children. Well, small children have short attention snaps and get tired very quickly. Always be prepared with an alternative plan. If your child is not old enough, … Continue reading

Date posted: June 10, 2016, Author: Olivia Dobrev

The Best Way to Kill Time at Airport

There is nothing worse than having to wait extra hours before getting on your plane. The thought of being trapped in an airport with time to kill is one that most of us fear. You’ve read every magazine that you … Continue reading

Date posted: May 12, 2016, Author: Olivia Dobrev

Wine Tour in Michigan City

Michigan City is famous for being a truly wonderful wine country, with more than 100 wineries nestled among 15000 acres of scenic vineyards. If you are planning for a holiday trip in Michigan City this summer, I would recommend you … Continue reading

Date posted: April 18, 2016, Author: Olivia Dobrev

5 Things That You Need To Make Sure While Hiring a Limo

There was a time (esp. back in 90’s) when a limousine used to be associated with only elite people. It was one major symbol of elegance and excellence. However, over these years, the concept of hiring limousines has changed radically. … Continue reading

Date posted: February 24, 2016, Author: Robin Gates

Executive Travel Tips: What Not To Do

Executives are notoriously known for their hardworking nature. They spend a great deal of time travelling for business, depending on the nature of industry. But, just because they are experts in business doesn’t mean they can’t ever pick up bad … Continue reading

Date posted: January 13, 2016, Author: Robin Gates