Bring the Best of the Bachelorette Party Limo

One of your best girlfriends is getting married soon. All the important things have been set, even including the bachelorette limo, but what about the bachelorette party? She needs to have one, a grand one, in fact, but what about the designated driver, and how is your gang of girls going to adjust in a normal car?

Bachelorette party is one of the very few times that a girl has an excuse to ride in a limo. If you haven’t booked a bachelorette limo or have already done one, here is how you can bring the best of the bachelorette party. Yes! The bachelorette limo advice here would help you make your bachelorette party a memorable one.

If the number of girls in your gang limit just to ten, a stretch Lincoln or a stretch Chrysler 300 would be a great choice. Mercedes Luxury Coach would be perfect when the number of girls exceed 10 in count. And finally, party bus can be hired when the gang is a real gang. If they’re more than 18, you’ll need a party bus Remember, more people results in more fun, and more fun results in a sublime bachelorette party. The space and number that I’ve talked about here would surely assist you to bring the best of Bachelorette Limo.

Now, let’s have a brief look at the tips to make limo rental easier and more effective. These tips too would be helpful to take the full advantage of the Bachelorette Limo.


  1. Book your Limo Early

As soon as the date of the event is fixed, start exploring the websites of limousines services for your own good. You should call at least 2 months in advance in general, if you have scheduled the party in Spring or Saturdays. Limousine Services are occupied during those days. Off-season bookings are advantageous, in terms of availability of bachelorette limos and the cost occurring.

  1. Plan your Route in Advance

First, you’ll be asked if you want the limo. Then, they would ask you the places you want to ride to, after you’ve reserved their limo. What I actually mean here is that you need to have a proper idea of what you are and what you will be doing with the limo. You also need to make sure about the time and duration that you’ll spend riding the limo.

Make sure that you would gain much more than what you pay for.

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest of the options

Remember that the cheapest of the options you have got are not always what you need. Go for the reliability and the service that the limo service providers are ready to render you. Analyze the options and choose the ones that suit you the best, as per the cost and the number of people to be in the bachelorette limo.

A cheap limo service can be non-reliable, and some of them may not even have a proper license. All this may cause you some unwanted inconvenience, so act and decide wisely.

  1. Know what the rental includes

You may know it well that you’re not just paying for the limo when you pay the service provider. Parking tolls, gas, cleaning fees, and on and on are what your payment covers in general. So, you have got all the rights in the earth to ask for a breakdown of what your cost includes, and if they have got some hidden surprises set for you.

  1. Don’t forget to TIP

It’s customary to tip your chauffeur 20% at the end of the event. Make your mind about the tip in advance, and then keep it in an envelope. Doing so won’t need you to scramble to find the cash at the end of the party.

Wish you a grand bachelorette party and a happy married life too. Cheers…

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